music-shotAt an age where most teenagers are still not sure which direction their life will take, Dante Palminteri is sure. Very sure, in fact. “Music is my life. It’s what I plan to do forever and in one way or another, it’s all I have been doing.”

Attending high school by day and then recording in the studio by night, Dante has just finished recording his latest EP, World Away. The five song collection is an intimate look into Dante’s world and takes us thru the journey of an young man finding his way in his teenage years. Working together with songwriter/producer Nicholas Wells, the two have created a laid back take on pop rock. “The singer-songwriter in me is ready to tell my story and I can’t think of a better time than now.” The title track, World Away is probably Dante’s most intimate, taking his audience into his thoughts. Another track, Breathe Easy, is a beautifully orchestrated song about a questionable relationship. Dante is looking forward to releasing his EP this November 2013.

Starting his first rock band while in middle school Dante knew at a young age that performing on stage was something he would always do. Learning songwriting, studying the piano and guitar and later drums and bass, music became his focus, all the while performing at county fairs and small NYC all ages venues. “It was a blast to get up on stage at such a young age and know how to work the crowd. The rush I got then and still get today every time I perform is one of the most intense.”

He began to write lyrics and then, together with his band songs. By the time he was a freshman in high school Dante pulled the more serious bandmates together and fronted his second band, KAYMUS, which is going strong today. Dante spent his high school years writing, touring and performing with KAYMUS. Opening for the rock band, Sweet Cyanide at The Hampton Film Festival last year was one of the highlights of his early career. “It was great to learn from such an established rock band. The sound was beyond.”

Next up was a full summer tour. Being on the Camplified Tour ‘12 gave Dante an experience he will never forget. “The hours on the road driving from camp to camp, doing sound checks in the morning, giving interviews in the afternoon, then performing all night and signing autographs at meet and greets for hundreds of campers put it all on the line for me. It was an incredible schedule and by the time the summer was over, it was clear to me….”I was made for this life!”

Then in both 2012 and 2013 Dante and KAYMUS reached the top 20 in the prestigious The Break Contest in the tri-state area beating out over 400 bands for a spot in the finals. The Break Contest promoters compared Dante and KAYMUS to incredible bands like GlassJaw and Rage Against the Machine with their raw style and cryptic lyrics. Dante is looking forward to getting back in this year ‘s 2014 contest and taking one of the top spots.

In the meantime he keeps working on his songwriting as both a solo artist and with the band. “I have over 25 videos of me performing live at different shows with KAYMUS but now it’s time to get in the studio.”

Dante knows that this is just the beginning. “I have become obsessed with my guitars; a Martin, a Les Paul and a Taylor… playing every moment I get and creating a sound that’s all my own. That’s the great thing about music, it comes from my soul and it’s always growing…always changing. And I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”